Oh My! Texas!

October 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

Another 8 hours on the road and we finally arrived in Austin, TX tonight for a 3 day visit with our son and his fiancee.

This is the second weekend of  Austin City Limits festival, so the city is buzzing, packed, and traffic getting into Austin was… actually not so bad!

We are too tired to venture out of our place this evening so we’ll have to wait till tomorrow to get an idea of what this is all about, as bystanders of course, because we don’t have tickets for any of the events.

Anyway, the drive from Little Rock, AR to Austin provided some exposure to local flavor and surprised me in some ways:

I didn't get it at first and my husband had to translate... My knowledge of american slang is severely lacking...

I didn’t get it at first and my husband had to translate. My knowledge of american slang is still severely lacking…

I guess this is another way of saying "I'm from Texas and I'm cool"

I guess this is another way of saying “I’m from Texas and I’m cool”

The driver didn’t even bother to close the driver side door while shopping! I imagine this is part of the ACL festival’s cool dude attitude…

Stay tuned…


Sublime Refuse, Toxic Splendor

March 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

Thrown out in the garbage and never to be seen again! Dumped outside and down the drain!

I love the feeling of getting rid of unwanted refuse. Even if with a little nagging guilt, I feel free and clean with the illusion of its disappearance . . . .

But even though I can’t say that — I love the term — the Waste Hierarchy’s precept, “Reduce Reuse Recycle,” has been my mantra, I still try to do my best in this regard.

The thing is that this fleeting feeling of “good riddance” alleviates my anxiety about the perhaps irreversible human destruction of the world because, for a brief moment, I allow myself to forget about it.

My escapism not being sufficient, I have been trying to find other “feel good” ways of dealing with the burden of helplessness and to preserve my optimism.

In terms of instant gratification, scientific research and predictions have not helped much so far, but art on the other hand has been a good source of comfort.

So here are three pieces that not only do the job but are also wonderful examples of human ingenuity and artistic ability to see beauty in our trash:

(Click on images to find out more about the artists)

Gowanus canal. Photograph by William Miller

Gowanus canal. Photograph by William Miller

By El Anatsui. Brooklyn Museum of Art

By El Anatsui. Brooklyn Museum of Art

Orchestra of Recycled Instruments. Paraguay

Orchestra of Recycled Instruments. Paraguay

A Beautiful Way To Start 2012

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

For me the last 2 weeks of the year are often times brimming with sensory moments of all kinds. From listening to choirs, tasting delicacies, watching fireworks, displays and decorations, holding hands, sharing smiles and opening gifts.

I felt particularly fortunate this time. So I would like to share some of these gifts with you.

I liked this clip Snow Globe Los Angeles. Because it echoed my longing for quiet, illuminated and warm feelings.The beautiful voices heard on the The St Olaf  Christmas Festival filled my heart with spirituality and joy.

The delicate and whimsical designs of frost on my window added magic and wonder,  decorating my house with some of nature’s awesome ornaments.

This beautiful calendar made by my beloved and talented sister in law Lillebi Habans and who paints these most exquisite and beautiful images. What a sweet gift!

There were lots more of these perfect moments and many cannot be simply transmitted thought my posting. But all of them gave me inspiration and creative energy to start this New Year 2012 beautifully.

My hope is to express them in my posts in the next 12 months and share with you.

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