Today being New Year’s Day,

January 1, 2016 § Leave a comment

I can’t pass the opportunity to do what I have wished to do for a long time and of course always put off.

If once again I wait till tomorrow there might not be such a propitious date for another 366 days.

First, in preparation, I made a cup of tea, put a couple of Madeleines on a plate, set up my laptop, postponed any other plan such as watching a movie or vacuum the living room, and stopped thinking.

01:01:2016 Tea pot and Madeleines


(Now just do it and who cares if it is not perfect!)

I take a deep breath and…

I resume posting on my blog.

As motivation to start anew, I have plans to make a few changes:

A new name for the blog.

The content will have less writing and more pictures or drawings.

And I will share book reviews, links to beautiful or interesting sites, recipes, DIY ideas etc.

Et voilĂ !

All right! What a great feeling! I just fulfilled my most important New Year’s resolution!

So if you have, like me, the ephemeral urge to make some resolutions today, I suggest you take the one you have put off for too long and make one very small, hardly noticeable by anyone and brief step toward fulfilling it.

And do it right away!

I guaranty you will go to sleep tonight with a tremendous and well deserved sense of accomplishment.



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