A chance to stop and think

July 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today started full of power and want. My steps were light, hopeful and confident that today would be the day. The day to live so fully that I would fall asleep at night like a happy child who swore she would stay awake.

The day when I would write, draw, make and finish.

A perfect day, so sunny and warm. I went outside, sat, lay down and started looking, listening and then dreaming. I couldn’t decide anymore. The present moment was too beautiful to go ahead and miss it. It lasted so long that the future of the day was gone by mid afternoon.

I looked for a poem, hoping it would jumpstart my creativity and I found this one by Richard Wilbur:

“I read how Quixote in his random ride
Came to a crossing once, and lest he lose
The purity of chance, would not decide

Whiter to fare, but wished his horse to choose.
For glory lay wherever he might turn.
His head was light with pride, his horse’s shoes

Were heavy, and he headed for the barn.”

And so it has been a perfect day…and tomorrow is another one.

Tonight I will watch the fireworks and write again, maybe draw and finish, falling asleep like a happy child.


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