Gray Day With Woolly Neckwear

January 31, 2012 § 4 Comments

Every year I look forward to our Northern New England winter with its cobalt blue skies, sparkling pure white snow and air so cold, clean and crisp that just one lungfull  early in the morning makes me feel  completely – sometimes violently – immunized from all respiratory ailments. In one word, invigorating.

Well not this year so far.

This season is gray, damp, too mild to want to cosy up inside with a hot chocolate and yet cold enough to shiver when I get in my car, with no snow for skiing or snowshoeing but instead plenty of ice and slush.

Gray sky, gray snow, gray mood.

Today, in silent protest and defiance, I decided to wear my most outrageous scarf. A wild bundle of wool and colors, so fluffy and thick you want to bury your fingers in it.

I made it a few years ago but rarely wear it because it is a bit over the top  for a scarf or in other words “so me”. I really love it. Not in public unfortunately. Only in New York perhaps.

Then this weekend I made this one:

From a secondhand turtleneck sweater found at a local charity shop and yarn found under a forgotten pile of wool scraps in my studio.

My nineteen year old daughter called it a “Decapitated Octopus” when I asked her what she thought of my newest creation.

And then she put this one on. I had made it for her sometime last year.






§ 4 Responses to Gray Day With Woolly Neckwear

  • vtbee says:

    BeeeeYOUteeefull!! I love each one – you are so creative and talented! I wish it WOULD get cold enough so we could all bring out our lovely neck toasters.


  • I found your package in the mail today and Lowry’s arrived on her birthday. Many thanks!!! Then this-your artful pictures of that marvelous scarf that I know so well. Now I’m going up to the cedar chest to find my green one. We are reminded three times of how rich we are to have you in our lives. xox Sue


  • moossay says:

    I love these scarfs ! they definitely are “so you ” !


  • […] half hour after I opened my package, Victoire posted an entry to her blog SquatorClamor. The photographs of a scarf she made a few years ago best illustrate her style and her creative […]


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