On Waking Up Early For My Son

June 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

When my children were little the hardest thing for me was to get up early in the morning. I remember telling them to ” go play” until I was ready, I mean forced by their numerous un-welcomed interruptions, to finally emerge from my torpor.

As the kids were growing and some parental obligations (like taking the kids to school, which I often did in my PJs) involved using an alarm clock, I  managed to perform the minimum necessary to be somewhat alert and punctual for the early morning duties.

I guess it was part of growing up (for me).

Still, I never gave up on sleeping in when possible.

Then, 3 springs ago, my youngest son decided to join his high school rowing team.

I had to face the inevitable: someone would have to drive  him to a landing on the Connecticut River, five days a week for 10 weeks, on time for the 5am practice.

So, always hopeful to gain some credit as a good mother, I boldly announced that I was willing to get up at 4:20am and tackle the job.

One of the best decision I have made in 30 years…

The season starts in late March when the river has not completely thawed, the predawn temperature is hovering just above 32 degrees and sunrise happen well after the boats are launched and the rowers are hard at work, puffing like steam engines, their fingers numb with frost, their hands burning with blisters.

With their sleepy eyes and not quite out of their night dreams, they watch the moon bowing out for a slow rising pale winter sun, shrouded in pink and casting a silver light over the black waters. A thick white fog floats in slow motion over the surface eventually lifting up in thinning swirling steam.

I saw this.

One early April morning this year, I decided to go along with the coach on the motor boat to witness this absolutely magical, numinous moment.

And I thought: “This is why I have children”.

Filmed with my iphone. Music by Penguin Cafe: “This or That”


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