Autumn of Another Color

October 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Fall colors in New England.

These words instantly evoke images of flaming reds, fiery oranges and golden yellows setting ablaze trees and forest for a last flash before winter.

Even after living in the rural Northeast for many years I never tire of this spectacular display. I literally can stop in my tracks in wonder and awe when walking or driving on a day of crisp autumn sunlight and royal blue sky.

But this year I seem to be less inclined to mind this seasonal show.

Often taking walks in drizzly grey weather, under leaden skies, on dim and overcast days or early mornings when the river fog is slow to clear away, I gradually noticed a different kind of palette:

Subtle hues and pale shades, patinaed coppers and silvers, flaxen shimmers, cool white glows and faded tawny tints.


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