Red Or Green

November 6, 2013 § 2 Comments

We left Santa Fe bright and early today after three weeks of moving and settling in our little adobe house. As we are just beginning to feel comfortable finding our way around the city and having staked out favorite places for breakfast or dinner, compared quality and value among the main grocery stores and made acquaintances with a couple of bakery owners and garage mechanics, it’s time to go back to New England for our last winter, sell our house and say goodbye.

The Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa FE, where I totally fell in love with hot and spicy chocolate!

The Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe, where I totally fell in love with hot and spicy chocolate!

Powerfully Delicious!

Powerfully Delicious!

Now  I am eager to eventually become a local in New Mexico and Santa Fe (as opposed to a  mere visitor). However I have a feeling it will take time and dedication on my part to achieve such a goal.

Even if I am fairly confident that, given time,I can learn to pronounce the spanish names and terms correctly, try to look casual in a pair of worn low profile cowboy boots or breathe normally after climbing only 3 steps or walking across a street, I know now that there will be some major hurdles to get over.

And the number one is… eating my chile.

” Red or Green?” that is the question.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, whenever I order from a simple menu of local food, diner food, food truck food or any food that is not considered exotic and fancy, here it comes! I can’t eat my chile! I wont touch my chile! I am just like a picky eater kid with my chile.

Most embarrassingly I don’t even know the difference between red or green! I feel too stupid to ask so I’ll have to find out the hard way: Taste both and compare.

See, the big problem for me is that if an invisible speck of chile touches my tongue, I am afraid I will turn reddish purple, stop breathing and instantly combust on my chair. So I don’t dare yet or I should say have the courage to eat anything that looks remotely spicy, more precisely anything with a spanish name except for Dulce de Leche or Flan.

For example the other day I succumbed and ordered a chocolate lava cake for dessert at a barbecue place. It sounded pretty safe, even after the waitress warned me that it had just a hint of chile in it. I was too embarrassed to change my mind so I said boastingly and probably with a weird smile  ” Oh! I’m sure it’s okay, I’ll take it. Thank you”.

A hint? That’s what they call a hint? After only one bite I forgot what chocolate or vanilla, or sugar or dessert ever tasted like, and drank my whole glass of  ice water in one shot before I could put down my fork in defeat.

I was sad to leave this morning and looking forward to coming back in the spring to resume my “assimilation”. But I was also secretely relieved to know that in a few days and after many miles on the road again I will be ordering New England clam chowder and Boston Cream Pie…with plain, sweet and very bland whipped cream.

Last stop before leaving New Mexico this morning.

Last stop before leaving New Mexico this morning.


§ 2 Responses to Red Or Green

  • veronique officer says:

    Dear Victoire, thank you for your wonderful storie. I was smilling to imagine you on the front of your spicy dessert.
    I can not beleive you and Peter are driving back to New england, and have to go throw another bad food trail!!!!!
    Anyway, we will be happy to see your faces.
    Drive safely,


  • I’m so relieved that you didn’t combust! Safe travels. Can’t wait to see you soon. xoxox S


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