Today’s Monologue ( and often other days too)

September 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

( or don’t use bad words like “procrastinate”)

“Brand new day, full of possibilities”  is  the first thought of a hopeless procrastinator like me.

Early, before the morning fog has lifted…

I still have a chance to do what I have been postponing for too many days:  Post on my blog.

But first I will go for my 3 mile “power”walk (silly name for a walk.  For me, the only power is the volume on my ipod), to get a good start.

Now I will have my cup of tea reading the newspaper and since the crossword puzzle seems easy today… I should go.

You can tell a true procrastinator from a poseur when they say ” I will” or” I should” a lot.

Back from my walk, I take a shower which inevitably leads to a load of laundry. And lots of folding.

Mmm, the kitchen counters need a good cleaning and de-cluttering. Plus it’s such a gratifying activity!

Go, GO to your computer now! It’s time to post on your blog. You said you would absolutely do it today!

Just check my email first…and heat up some more water for tea. Tea will help.

Ah! my ebay status: I put some bids on cheap clothing… Also let’s see if I could find something for my daughters since I’m at it.

12 Noon! No wonder I’m hungry!

The contents of the refrigerator are so disappointing ( I always set myself up for this…)

I should (again) make something healthy to eat now, put the dishes away and back in the dishwasher, vacuum a little ( my husband worries that I might be addicted to the noise, can you explain this?),  think about what to make for dinner and write a grocery list.

So hungry! Crackers and cheese and sit in front of your keyboard now!

I love reading the New York Times on line.

Answer my email… log in my blog… go back for more cheese.

Oh! I promised my daughter I would mail her care package today. I’ll get the groceries too then.

Ach! it’s 3:25 now. My son will call any minute to be picked up at practice. Ew! he needs new sneakers! We might as well get them today since I have time.

Back home. I left my laptop open on the kitchen table.

AND… Yess! I see myself posting!

I am posting…and putting a chicken in the oven, drinking more tea, checking the mail, peeling vegetables, caramelizing onions, instructing my son to figure out a ride after the game tonight, while posting a little more.

Multitasking! And I don’t even know it!

3 hours later, finally sitting down for dinner.

I’ll finish my writing afterwards.

All of a sudden 3 hours after dinner, (it’s not funny how evening hours pass so quickly) finishing my writing has become critical. I don’t care what it is. I’ve got to do it.

Finito ! And without further ado ( because if I wait even one second I will allow those mean spirited, evil doers second thoughts that tend to orbit around in the procrastination zone to sneak in and bring the whole thing to a halt) I click on “publish”.


NO I should NOT read what I just wrote! Not tonight anyway.

Minneapolis, MN. (this picture is not supposed to have anything to do with the text)

I share this very personal and deep soul searching day with you, my presumed reader(s), as a cathartic and guilt releasing process, ignoring my shame in revealing my secret (but obvious to everyone around) side, hoping you will find solace in knowing that there could be a happy ending to procrastination or,  just simply commiserate.

If ever, god forbid, you should be afflicted by the same impairment of course!

Now I will go to sleep with the great sense of accomplishment that only a seasoned procrastinator can enjoy. One day, who knows, I could even be a motivational speaker!

Tomorrow is a brand new day, full of possibilities… AND it’s Sunday!


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