A Good Way To Ease Into Fall

September 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

(With help from one of our apple trees)

A Recipe For The Perfect Apple Sauce:

Pick apples.


Feast your eyes a good deal….          Set aside a good hour to peel this much….                         Core and quarter the peeled apples…

then put the whole thing in a big pot.

Put on some music by The Avett Brothers (my most recent discovery, thanks to my 18 year old daughter).

While peeling, think about anything you want and eat a few pieces of the best apples.

You may sing along with the music as it adds pleasure to the action of peeling and passes the time.

Give back to the garden the peelings and cores.

Cook on a very low flame, adding a little water

to prevent the apple sauce from sticking to the bottom of the pot and have your kitchen smell like caramel.

 Watch the melting apples stirring occasionally,

noticing a light buttery foam rising and bubbling atop the forming sauce.

When it has reached the consistency of The Perfect Applesauce, turn off the flame and let cool.

Adding sugar has been intentionally forgotten in this recipe, resulting in a perfectly tart tasting sauce.

  The kitchen, sometime during the late night hours

I guess that’s one way for my son to ease into fall


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